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Solutions Overview

About Colliers360

Colliers360 is helping enterprises like yours gain quick insights and unlock opportunities through data, anytime, anywhere, using mobile and cloud as part of the foundation. Colliers360 is a user-friendly, efficient, flexible dashboard and analytics technology that provides complete coverage for clients' Corporate Real Estate needs. Our clients are in control of their Colliers360 solution, configured for their needs.

Colliers360 has three components, integrated or stand-alone, and is compatible with any existing client technology.

  1. Colliers 360 Dashboards and Analytics
  2. Colliers 360 WorkTrac (IWMS)
  3. Colliers 360 Collaboration Portal

Business Intelligence

Colliers360 Dashboards & Analytics

Our goal is to provide the most user-friendly and flexible dashboard solution in the industry. A key reason for the fast growth of Colliers360 has been our in-house Technology Services team’s ability to design and implement quickly, yet also plan for changes to be made as our clients’ needs develop. Many of our clients are 1st generation dashboard users – we appreciate this and anticipate that their needs for Colliers360 will evolve as they determine what is most important and what will be valued within their organization.

Our clients are in control of their Colliers360 solution, and for those clients that want our recommendations and standard configurations, which we can place into action immediately; we are prepared for this as well.

Our dashboards and analytics tools are also configured for use on mobile devices, enhancing the user experience and maximizing the adoption rate.

Lease Administration and Workplace Management

Colliers360 WorkTrac (IWMS)

Colliers360 WorkTrac is an integrated workplace management solution (IWMS). The most common functions utilized are Lease Administration and/or Transaction and Project Management. This technology has been in place for over 5 years with Colliers clients and is built on a widely-used 3rd Party platform which can be licensed directly. Colliers360 WorkTrac has been heavily configured by Colliers to suit the needs of our clients and includes the following functionality:

  1. Workflow Management which is easily configured at no cost. Automated transaction and project activity reporting, with the ability to make updates and provide approvals on one screen.
  2. Integration of Property Records between Lease Administration and Transaction and Project Management, enhancing speed of entry and data accuracy.
  3. Automation and Standardization of Business Cases transactions and projects approval and close-out.

We currently provide Lease Administration to over 40 clients with over 25,000 leases using WorkTrac. Further, we provide Lease Administration services for a large number of additional clients using many other 3rd party databases as well (please visit our Lease Administration site for more information).

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content_copy Project/transaction
sync Operations
build Maintenance
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people Contacts

Team Collaboration

Colliers360 Collaboration Portal

Colliers360 Collaboration Portal provides a web based environment that supports a secure portal that allows account team collaboration.

Functionality includes:

  1. Collaboration and Communication
  2. Team Discussion
  3. Document Management
  4. Workflow Management

Colliers360 Client


"Colliers 360 has been a game changer. It enables us to see at any point in time how we are performing, where the opportunities exist, and provides reports to our senior executives."

Tim Markham
IHS Markit, VP of Global Corporate Services

"Colliers 360 integrated all our legacy and new data and provides BT a platform to identify portfolio opportunities to improve efficiency and generate savings."

Roger Barr
BT Global Head of Real Estate

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