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Our goal is to provide the most user-friendly and flexible dashboard solution in the industry. A key reason for the fast growth of Colliers 360 version 3.0, released at the end of 2016, has been our in-house Technology Services team’s ability to design and implement quickly, yet also plan for changes to be made as our clients’ needs develop. Many of our clients are 1st generation dashboard users – we appreciate this and anticipate that their needs for Colliers 360 will evolve as they determine what is most important and what will be valued within their organization.

Our clients are in control of their Colliers 360 solution, and for those clients that want our recommendations and standard configurations which we can place into action immediately; we are prepared for this as well.

Our dashboards and analytics tools are also configured for use on mobile devices, enhancing the user experience and maximizing the adoption rate. Following are examples of dashboards that are typically available to our clients:

"ONE" Executive

View the benefits CRE is providing in one dashboard to the business by illustrating future cost, occupancy and market position for the Real Estate Portfolio

Market Performance

Gain an understanding of how each location is positioned relative to prevailing market rates and occupancy benchmarks for each space they occupy.

Portfolio Planning

Perform sensitivity analysis to future-proof your portfolio relative to the impact of forecasted people and resource growth cost impacts and workplace standards.

Transaction & Project Management Tracking

Track the status of all transactions and capital projects relative to capital expenditure targets, cycle time and workload management.

Location Quality Index (LQI)

Measure the fit of your location relative to the goals of the lines of business in relation to real estate key performance indicators and compare those results across the portfolio

Total Savings

Prepare an operating and capital expense forecast of the future real estate portfolio by developing alternative scenarios for each location and compare the impacts to spend and operating targets.

For clients and our account management teams around the world with diverse needs, we have developed regionally specific and “lite” versions of Colliers 360 tools to fit. Some of these include:

Portfolio Expert

PortfolioExpert brings your portfolio to life and provides Colliers benchmarking data through a tool that is easy to use and fast on-board.


Colliers 360 offers a pre-bundled technology solution to our clients that is:

  • Designed specifically to track clients’ leases and/or transaction management portfolios
  • Provide our clients with industry leading tools to handle all facets of lease administration with real-time integration
  • Instantly viewed and manipulated on any web-enabled device
  • Robust standard reporting ability
  • Available for a third of the price of other leading off-the-shelf lease administration-only tools


  • Provides you with a transparent standardized process to find a new office location
  • Presents an objective score for each property based on weighted requirements
  • Includes detailed financial and workplace analysis
  • Leads to the best case property solution for your business


Provides out clients with a tool that support the Supply Chain & Industrial site selection process with an in-depth analysis model.

We have been actively deploying Colliers 360 for 5 years, and we have integrated data from over 25 data sources, including but not limited to the list below:

Archibus Axxerion BenchCore Big System CoStar Manager
Google Maps/Earth Harbor Flex Horizon Intelimed Lease Calcs
Medicare OQR Microsoft Sharepoint Microsoft Excel Microsoft SQL Oracle
PeopleSoft ProLease Revista SalesForce SAP
Sequentra Workday Yardi

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